Please do NOT re-apply for Awards!

Application for any 30MDG Award is required ONE time only - multiple applications for
the same award will result in slowing the process for others - please be patient and considerate.
All Award applications are  processed in order of receipt.
ANZA Awards (3 in Series)

Work 15; 30; 45 unique VK / ZL stations on 30 Meters Digital Modes

Note: For each Award, a minimum of 5 either VK or ZL stations must be worked - the balance making up the required total.

IE: ANZA-15 - work 5 ZL ..... balance = 10 VK ( total 15 combined)
    ANZA-15 - work 8 ZL ..... balance =   7 VK ( total 15 combined)

The same format applies to all 3 Awards