Established November 2007
30 Meter Digital Group (30MDG) Call Upgrade
Please use this Form if you are an existing 30MDG Member and have upgraded your Callsign PERMANENTLY

All 30MDG Awards achieved using your OLD Callsign will be transferred to your NEW Callsign.

NOTE: This does NOT apply to ‘Special’ Call users!
30MDG Members

Rule Addendum

In the event of an existing 30MDG Memeber upgrading their Call, all 30MDG Awards held by the
OLD Call will be transfered to the NEW Call upon application -
Note: When transferred to your NEW Call, your old call 30MDG Awards will be deleted from 30MDG database.

The above DOES NOT apply if a Member holds two or more 'Special' Calls -
example: ZL3RG and ZL30MDG ... these remain as seperate Calls
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