30MDG Team
Established November 2007
30 Meter Digital Group (30MDG)

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30MDG Founder
New Members Admin
30MDG Award Manager
Award Designer

3000-30, Multi, WAS, WAC, OC, ZL, MA, Asia, HFA, CIA, MIA, 3000-MA, RA, ANZA, ITU, PA, GSA, GNA, TCA, CWDX, CWPX

Barry M0IOW

30MDG Award Manager

30-30, 300-30, EU, DX Master, VK, 30MDG MGL (Grid) 

 Richard PA3GWH

30MDG Award Manager

30MDGDX, W.I.S.E, Scandinavian, USGS, QRP

Darin VE3OIJ

30MDG Award Manager

Coast to Coast (C2C), Northern Lights, ZULU, CWCS

Bek EX2B

ex EX8AB

30MDG Award Manager

30MDG C.I.S. Awards or email backup Fred NZ4DX

Barry ZS2EZ

30MDG Award Manager

30MDG Africa Awards

Fred NZ4DX

ex N2FJ

30MDG Award Manager

FA (Friendship), CQZ, 30MDGSA, 30MDGM

 John OE3JPK

UAAC Award Software

Ultimate Award Application Center (UAAC) Programmer DK5UR Heinz while John OE3JPK is ill

Roberto IZ1TGH


Website and database maintainer

Many thanks to these friends who worked for the group and are now retired...


Former Webmaster
Award/Graphic designer

Laurie VK3AMA

Database programmer
Award designer

Larry NK2X

Former 30MDG Award manager

'Pez' OE3EPW

Former 30MDG Award manager