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30MDG PSK plus activity hour every Sunday 23:00 UTC
- if interested please participate using PSK to ragchew or experiment with other digital modes on the 30 Meter Band. Suggested: 30 Meter Band 10.141 to 10.142 PSK 10.142 to 10.144 Olivia/Contestia/Dom/Thor/Thrb/ect. turn RXID/TXID on!. let your other PSK/Digital Op friends know if you would like more to join in (they need not be a 30MDG to join in!).... Thanks for your participation!

30 Meter Multi Mode Weekend
When: March 16th and 17th 2019
Where: 10 MHz - 30 Meter Band (10.100 - 10.150)
Objective: To promote experimenting and using different digital modes on the unique 30 Meter Band

Please join in if you have time this weekend. Those of you who want to participate using the more common modes of CW, FT8, BPSK31, RTTY, we welcome that, but those wanting to try other less used modes please do so and turn your RSID on to help others know what mode you are transmitting (common modes i.e. BPSK31/RTTY no need for RSID, do use RSID on the less common/exotic modes i.e. QBSK/HELL/MSK/DOMINOEX/THOR/THROB/CONTESTIA/OLIVIA/etc.).

A number of digital mode groups will be participating this weekend so if you have wanted to try out a new digital mode or make some contacts using less common digital modes this weekend might be of interest to you. There are a number of multi-mode digital software programs so this is also a chance to get on the 30 Meter Band to try them out. Most of them have RSID/TXID (Reed Solomon Identifier- automatic mode detection and tuning which will help or aid for the less commonly used digital modes so turn on the RSID/TXID).

This event is NOT a contest ... no set times ... no rules ... no exchanges ... no logs to send in or to anyone ...no winners other than those that participate with casual use of the 30 Meter Band knowing that others with like interests will be on this weekend to experiment, ragchew, DX and have some fun trying different digital modes!

Where on the 30 Meter Band to find different digital mode activity: (Note: these are suggested only and observations of known digital mode activity....all dial frequencies are USB for digital modes.....below " **** " indicates for the more active or used frequencies/modes)

10.100 - 10.130 CW ****
10.130 - JS8Call
10.132 - SSTV-Narrow (MP73-N) Region 2
10.132 - 10.134 ROS Region 1 (Region 2-note not legal in USA)
10.135 - OPERA
10.136 - FT8 (WSJT) ****
10.138 - JT65 JT9 (WSJT)
10.1386 - MEPT/WSPR
10.138 - 10.140 - JT65 (WSJT)
10.1405 - PROPNET & PropNet Robots (BPSK31)
10.140 - 10.141 BPSK31 QRP
10.140 - 10.142 BPSK31 - DX Region 1,2,3 (or BPSK/QPSK,31,63,125,etc.) ****
10.142 - 10.144 RTTY
10.144 - FeldHELL (10.137 - 10.144)
10.144 - SSTV-Narrow (MP73-N) Region 1
10.142 - 10.144 - ALE-400hz
10.145 - 10.148 - ALE-2khz
10.147 - 10.148 PSKMail/APRS
10.1491 - 10.1495 APRS
For a more detailed 30 Meter Band Utilization Chart our digital friend Ian G3NRW has helped us on that so please go here: http://g3nrw.net/30m/

Operating hints for the weekend:

- Do use RSID (RXID/TXID) for the less common/exotic modes (i.e. Contestia,Olivia,Domino,etc)
- Do CQ with RSID for more than just a few of CQs, don't expect to have someone to reply on a less common used mode the first few CQs ...give it a while for others to find you and the mode being used
- Do use good operating habits - clean signal, lowest wattage to complete the QSO, QRL in common mode first, if band is busy or crowded spread out or use narrower width modes (i.e. if band is busy don't use OLIVIA 8/500 in the middle of the 30 Meter PSK 10.141 portion of the Band-not good operating habit if the band is busy and you will not make many friends)
- Do not let not having a dedicated 30 meter antenna stop you from joining in....load up what antenna you do have and give it a go on 30 meters.
- Do have fun and compare modes, wattage, antennas, etc with other operators that are interested to do the same..most the 30 Meter Digital Operators are not Call,599,73 most want a QSO (even DX) but also keep in mind that for poor band conditions or weak signal work WSJT modes of FT8 (JT65/9) is hard to beat!
- Do use http://www.HamSpots.net for spotting, announcements of mode, etc.

****Please note we are secondary users of the 30 Meter Band and to use good operating procedures http://www.30mdg.org/tips.html

Have fun and hope to see you on the waterfall!

Thanks from the 30 Meter Digital Group (30MDG) celebrating over 10 years and 10,000 members on the 10mhz 30 Meter Band!

Don kb9umt 30MDG#00001

***** Attention 30MDG Members, now 30MDG is included in SWISSLOG ver 5.95 please go to http://www.swisslogforwindows.com

******* If you have any 30 Meter News (i.e. 30m band conditions, 30m DXpenditions, 30m activities, etc) please email KB9UMT AT 30MDG.ORG (or KB9UMT AT ARRL.NET) and we will post your news on our 30MDG News page - Thank you *******

THOSE 30MDG MEMBERS USING ULTIMATE 30 (U30) AWARDS PROGRAM PLEASE READ BELOW AND NOW USE UAAC (EPCs Ultimate Award Application Center Software) (as of November 2016)..........

Hi all 30MDG 30m Award users,

As of November 2016 30MDG has teamed up with EPC and their Ultimate Application Award Center UAAC for 30m Awards and applications (use UAAC link button above or web address below). Please go to the UAAC links and download the new version of UAAC which now includes 30MDG and 30m Awards. **** Make sure your log you submit for 30MDG 30m HAM Awards do NOT include any SWL, SWL DOES NOT COUNT FOR QSO/CONTACT for Ham Awards***. Thanks for all that participate on the 30m band ......have fun on the 30m band.


Thank you for your patience or if you have any questions email any of the 30MDG Award Mangers on the '30MDG TEAM' page or KB9UMT at 30MDG.org....thank you.
also NOTE: There should be no SWL in your log listed as contacts and 30MDG membership listed per call so if you have a special callsign it would need its own 30MDG membership number assigned to it (do not mix calls in logs!) ....PLEASE READ OUR RULES BEFORE APPLYING FOR AWARDS it us up to YOU the operator to very ALL QSOs listed are valid before you submit the applications so if you are waiting on an Award more than 3 days most likely something is wrong in your applications/log, READ THE RULES PLEASE.

73 de 30MDG Award Managers and Don KB9UMT

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